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Just dropping a line to say hi and introduce myself and our new boy. My name is Carrie and we just got out L-O-N-G awaited boy yesterday. This is Tuff and he is AWESOME. Will be around now that I have something in common with most of ya. Take care...





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Wow! he is georgeous, and he looks like he will live up to his name. He looks like a boy with attitude!!! I can see it in his eyes!!!!!

Is Tuff your 1st Border Collie? Do you have other doggies?

W E L C O M E !!!

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Thank you so much. Tuff is our first Border Collie. My boyfriend is a veterinarian and we do a lot of farm calls (horses and cattle) so Tuff will get the experience with the livestock that he needs. He is an 8 week old that we got from a local breeder. They have their 4 BC's trained and Tuff has already been around the ducks and the horses that they had there on the farm. He was so funny last night when we got home, we have a little dog, Lola, (cocker mix)and he decided he was going to stalk her and then **POUNCE"**!! Scared the you know what outta her. Then we have Amos. He is a mastiff mix and is the biggest baby. He has shown Tuff how to get into the trash and that it really isn't that hard to get on the couch if you take a run at it first.


But ya know, it's funny. We have had him a total of 28 hours now and my boyfriend took him to the clinic that he works at today and worked with him on some basic commands and Tuff has already picked up on sit, down, come in, NO and that'll do. It's amazing. They are such smart creatures and I am so happy that we waited till the time was right to get him. He was the last male in the litter and he is the sweetest thing. Thanks to you for welcoming us to the board. This is pretty neat. Talk to ya'll soon.


We know about the pet expo, but going with a well known vet in the KC metro area could make for a VERY long day. Thanks though for pointing that out, appreciate it bunches. Take care and again thank you for the welcome wagon.... :rolleyes:

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