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Question on teaching a trick

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Ok, Riven has "take it" at 100% now!! No matter what I hand her (within reason lol) she'll take it to my hubby on the other side of the house. I say "take it" and she puts it in her mouth, then I say "take it to daddy" and she goes and finds him. She knows the command "drop it" and she'll drop it in his hand. :rolleyes::D So first a huge thank you to everyone's advice on how to teach that.


So, how do I teach her to go get something. For instance.. She knows go get the mouser (cat), go get your ball, bone ect. How do I teach her get something.. the remote for instance and bring it to me or my hubby?


Also, how do I teach her to go find a toy that she doesnt know where it is. When I say go get your ball and it isnt in plain view she'll go in circles or just like get in her play pose and stomp her front feet lol. Like she gives up lol. Id like to hide toys in the yard or house and have her get them according to the name I tell.

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You have to find a name for everything first. Then teach the names (or this is what I do anyway).


I did it with the clicker (is Riven clicker-trained?). I had 1 object (TV remote lets say) and I click whenever she touches it. Then I add the command ("Remote") to the action. Once she is good at that (only a few minutes usually) - take a break and come back and teach a different object the same way (lets say....the flashlight). Once you have that with a command, take another break (this is a lot of brainwork! over multiple days is fine!). So for the next session, have both of said objects (on the floor, far apart) and set her up for success (like sitting right in front of the object you are going to say). Click if she got the right one. Do this for each one, little by little making it harder (by setting her up in the middle, then by moving the objects close to each other).


Make sure you take breaks!! And STOP!! if she isn't getting it. If she is having trouble, set her up for a success (always end on a high note - so eliminate one and let her get it right). Then take a break and pick it up later, when you come back to it take a few steps back and try again. And try not to ever get frustrated with her - that will only make everyone unhappy. If you (and Riven) are not having fun, then stop. This can take awhile to teach, especially the first time - so take it slow.


Good luck - and Happy training!

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