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Soldier Hollow Trial (Big)

Allie Oop

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It was a gorgeous day up at Soldier Hollow yesterday, although extremely hot, dry and sunny. The altitude up in Heber, Utah (which is south east of the ski resort town of Park City) is around 6000 ft., so those trainers and dogs not used to working at high elevation were feeling it a bit. However, you wouldn?t know it by the performances being turned in. The scores were very high, with a course record of 91 being turned in by Linda Tesdahl & Jaffe -- which I missed because it was one of the first runs of the day :rolleyes: !


We were sitting on the dirt terrace right behind the judging tent and in front of the shedding ring and pen. Consequently, most of my pictures are centered on that area. I took a million pictures and wanted to share a feel for the course and the competition, but must apologize for the picture quality as I only have a point-and-shoot camera.






This is a wide view that encompasses most of the course. The course is set on a hill with the post

being toward the right front of the photo, the shedding ring is off to the right of the post. The sheep are set up at the top of the photo toward the upper left of the field area (just left of the building). The downhill gate is approx. partway down the hill, with the straight line drive being between the downhill gate and the post (judging tent in that line). The sheep then have to be driven into the shedding ring area to the right of the post/trainer, gathered and then driven up toward the uphill gate on the mid-right. Once they are through that gate they have to be driven on the cross-drive straight across the hill to the to the gate on the mid left portion of the photo. Then it?s a straight-line drive to shedding ring for the shed (they use five sheep during the qualifying competition, eight for finals) and then over to the pen.

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After the run ? ?Do I have to get out??



Scott Glen and Pleat - Video - Making the Pen (they scored an 82 for the second best score of the day).



(As fate would have it, the battery held out just until he has the gate almost closed! Sorry!)



It was a great day and I am sitting here evaluating whether or not I can go back up today for the finals. There was no shade and although I took a hat and wore 50 spf sunscreen, I missed a few spots and am a little bit of a cooked lobster shade today.

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