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Ok this is a bit strange. About an hour ago my hubby and I noticed a really bad smell coming from somewhere (we couldnt pin point it despite sniffing the entire living room ). Well about half an hour later we figured out it was coming from Bailey, to be precise I've just pin pointed it to his tail. Its foul, I'm about to wash his tail but I was wondering does anyone elses dogs just produce random smells? He hadnt been out in the garden or anything, he'd been sat in the living room with us when the smell appeared!!! Bailey thought it was lots of fun though havin me follow him around the room sniffing at him as if I were a dog :D:rolleyes:

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Could he have expressed his glands, gotten it on his tail, and then cleaned off his anal area but not his tail? My Celt is a fanatic about cleaning himself in that area and what stinky breath that makes! NO kissies!

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