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Count down to the Canadian Sheepherding trials!

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It's hard to believe but in just 3 weeks, I'll be off to see my first EVER sheepherding events.




Not only am I going to see a great event from all accounts...but Kitch from NY is meeting me there. :rolleyes:


I'm looking forward to a nice, albeit short break from the responsibilities at home (DH is still recovering from his January accident - I'm the 'lift and tote' person)


I'm going to tent...something I haven't done in awhile :eek: and I'm leaving all the dogs at home so I can videotape and observe to my hearts content.

The Kingston area is beautiful so I'm planning to bring my bicycle too. There are some nice bike paths along the water and AWAY from traffic!


So if anyone else is planning to attend...let me know! Maybe we could have an inpromptu BC get together

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Jo...only if you promise to come and build the barns...and win the lottery to provide the $$ to build the barns :rolleyes: and...hire the trainer for the dogs, and.....well, you get the drift :D

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