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Pics from Seabird Island SDT (for Diane)


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Hope you had a good ride back. Am very disappointed that the mud on my truck was washed off by the rain encountered on the highway - it's the first time it's ever looked like it's been in the dirt (which may kinda be the case).


Here are some pics from this weekend.


Tess finishing her drive:



Setting up for the shed:



Honk! (translation - "That's a shed!"):



Just to prove you went to the post with Tait:



Your friend's Jill:



And Lou-lou, having a discussion:


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Originally posted by Valhalla:

I like the one of Jill running. Can't beat those action shots!!

Thanks! Here are a couple of others:


Keen, looking, well, keen:



Linc with his mesmerizing stare:



Tye gently backing his sheep:



Lou swooping in to move a stubborn ewe:



Jen not so patiently waiting her turn:


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Yes, the sheep are very pretty. I think they are Coopworths. These ladies aren't worked by dogs except at this trial, and really aren't too keen on people either. Because they have over 500 ewes in this flock, every run got 4 fresh sheep. Oh and there were 400 rams in the adjacent pasture, so if one of your ewes tried to take off that way, it was highly desirable that you leave the post and go get her.


I got lots of nice pics of the sheep as they were very good about stalling near the pen, around the post, by the drive panels...



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Hi Bear's mom!! (Kristi)


Thanks for the great pixs!! I always wondered how we look in the shedding ring!! I think my former panicked stricken look is gone now!!


I had a blast and Seabird trial is one awesome trial...for those of you that do not know about it: great rolling green field, good sheep and WONDERFUL CANADIAN HOSPITIALITY!!


Those Canadians sure know how to lay out the welcome matt!! Jamie, Rose, Kristi and numerous others......Jamie made sure everything was spot-on for us, making sure we got a great motel, and everything else to make us feel wanted.


They had a great handler dinner, fantastic raffle, great trial and just a GREAT TRIAL!!


This trial is a MUST RETURN!!



Thanks again for the pixs and the wonderful Canadian welcome!!


Diane, Tess and Tait (2 Canadian dogs, I might add!!)

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Originally posted by DeltaBluez Tess:

I always wondered how we look in the shedding ring!!

You look way too relaxed in the shedding ring. Disappointing, really.


Glad you had a good time, and hope you come up to our neck of the woods again soon. But, um, can you do it when Tessie isn't in standing heat? Lou and all the other boys thank you in advance. :rolleyes:

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Great pics Kristi--thanks for sharing!


On the OTHER side of the country, Diane's Tess's grandson Trey (1yr) went to his first trial this past weekend. This was his handler's 2nd trial. Trey was the picture of grace and style as he took 3rd in beginner novice at Hubert Bailey's farm in Georgia on Saturday, and FIRST place on Sunday!! Trey's only complaint was the field was TOO small--he needs some elbow room

He looks forward to going to a novice class at his next trial and continuing to impress!


Thanks Diane for sending Peyton and I a sweetheart of a dog.


Jennifer Proctor

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You ARE going to post a pixs of Trey? (not so subtle hint!)


Trey just turned one in the beginning of August and is one awesome pup. In my eyes, he was the pick of the litter and was the one I was going to keep but ended up selling to Jennifer.


I look forward to stories about Trey. His grandparents are: Tess, Scott Glen's Pleat, Martha McHardy's Ryan and my Libbi (Welsh). He is going to be one nice dog!!


Glad to hear of your success!!



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