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Hi there,


I was recently browsing the internet during a down time at work, and came upon the ABCA site. There is a drop box related to the Hall of Fame nominations. So I decided to look at the members that had been elected in the past. There doesn't seem to be any way to look at the Hall of Fame members. Then I found that the last Board minutes posted was 1.5 yrs ago. Is there another place I should look for these? Surely there's a place for interested parties to read about those we hold in high esteem. And surely there are other members and interested parties who'd like to know what important things the board is addressing.

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I agree with you. One of the things I hope to accomplish as a director is to improve the website, and regular posting of minutes plus a tribute page for the people and dogs in the Hall of Fame are the two highest priorities, IMO. (It wouldn't hurt to get rid of that outdated pop-up window either.)


If anyone has other suggestions for how the website should be improved, please let me know.

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