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"The Working Border Collie:" fantastic mag!

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I just got my first issue! I'm about 1/3 of the way through it. Just read Candy Kennedy's "Basic Consistency," Gary Westerbrook's "Importance of No and Name," David Rees' "Dog Talk," and Kathy Knox's "Getting Started." To me, the information in these great articles alone made the subscription price worth it.


The articles I read probably had such a huge impact on me because I am just getting started and am looking to start a pup (although I am certain that David Rees' lovely article would appeal to all).


On the other hand, I have to think that Virgil Holland's "The International Shed," Bruce Fogt's "The Judge's Stand," "National Nursery Finals," and "National Open Finals," would be of great interest to experienced sheepdoggers and cattledoggers." I read Fogt's article on judging the pen and it gave me an incredible case of the heebie jeebies because I just couldn't imagine myself getting from point A (my current status) to point B (the status of someone who could not just pen with their dog, but do it with finesse, in a stockman-like fashion.) Then there is the Scrapies article by Dr. Neary... I have that on hold until I figure out a way to set myself up with accessible woolies. Deep in a cold snowy January with little money in my pocket the "how will I get sheep" problem is just too much for my poor mind.


Anyway, just wanted to thank Mr. and Mrs Fogt, the publishing staff and ALL the contributing writers for giving me the gift of this magazine.


For any of you who aren't subscribers, if you are serious about herding and want to expand your knowledge, this magazine is a must have.








Insert obligatory disclaimers regarding the relative worthlessness of my subnovice opinion here.




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