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International SDT 2003 results

Eileen Stein

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Qualifying Run--Thursday & Friday


The following 15 handlers and dogs qualified to run tomorrow for the International Supreme. They are listed in the order they ran in the qualifying round and will run tomorrow, together with their country in parentheses and their qualifying score:


S.R. Walton & Dug (E) 292

S. Long & Daisy (I) 308

W. Welsh, Jr. & Buff (S) 293

R. Reid & Midge (I) 308

J.H. Wilson & Maid (S) 323

A. MacCuish & Mirk (S) 307

R.M. Millichap & Ben (W) 367

P.J. Turnbull & Sal (E) 371

G.B. Jones & Jill (W) 313

R.M. Lyon & Ben (S) 293

C. McGarry & Taff (I) 296

L.N. Watkins & Peg (W) 302

J.R. Welsh & Moel Jock (S) 295

M. Shearer & Tib (S) 361

J.J. Brennan & Dunedin Gem (I) (don't know his

score because they hadn't posted it yet when

I left but he clearly qualified)


Weather was chilly and rainy Thursday, cool and pleasant Friday. Sheep were Scottish blackface, very touchy, with plenty of instinct for fight and flight. They were rigidly opposed to going through panels, especially fetch gates, which were routinely missed. Also, though the field seemed very flat, it must not have been, because dogs sent right, especially if they were wide runners, frequently failed to find their sheep and ran to and fro behind them til they finally managed it. This is what happened to Bobby Dalziel on his first run with Jack. He scratched his second run with Cap (don't know why) and the reserve for Scotland, Alasdair Mundell, took his place. Aled Owen & Bob ran out of time at the pen, when not one of their five sheep, all of whom were spoiling for a fight, would even glance into the pen (Bob kept his cool under great provocation). Nigel Watkins had a perfect outrun and fetch, as I recall. More people timed out than finished the course.


Got to relinquish the computer now.

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The Supreme


Johnnie Wilson won with Maid. Here are the rest of the placements, with judges' points, and merit points in parentheses:


1. J.H. Wilson & Maid 468 (59)

2. R.M. Millichap & Ben 459 (57)

3. M. Shearer & Tib 439 (50)

4. R.M. Lyon & Ben 433 (47.5)

5. S.R. Walton & Dug 422 (45)

6. C. McGarry & Taff 411 (40)

7. G.B. Jones & Jill 399 (36.5)

8. P.J. Turnbull & Sal 391 (33)

9. A. MacCuish & Mirk 363 (26.5)

10. W. Welsh, Jr. & Buff 343 (24)

11. J.J. Brennan & Gem 346 (21.5)

12. J.R. Welsh & Jock 289 (16)

13. S. Long & Daisy 258 (12)

14. R. Reid & Midge RET (couldn't find her sheep)

15. L.N. Watkins & Peg DQ (gripped nearly at the end of the shed trying to stop escaping sheep)


Wether was overcast and breezy to blustery.

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