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Another year's trial has come and gone. Our judge for the sheep portion of the trial was Bobby Henderson of Scotland. He did a great job over several long days of trials!


It was a bit of a roller coaster ride with the weather, but that's to be expected in South Dakota! Friday was warm and sunny with little wind. A truly beautiful day for a trial. Saturday we awoke to a thick fog that didn't want to lift! Everyone seemed to deal with it okay and even had a little fun! It was quite funny when Joni Swanke's young dog emerged out of the fog with 6 sheep instead of 3! He decided he better pick up the next set of sheep back up the field aways as well! After the first few runs of the day it was evident we'd have to hold off on anymore runs for a little while so the handlers and judge were able to see the dog. All was not lost though as Bud Boudreau was kind enough to break out the bachi ball game to help keep everyone warm while we waited! (Careful, we have pictures!)


We ran out of time on Saturday and had to finish up the last ten Open sheep runs on Sunday morning. The sheep proved to be pretty consistent over the three days and there were many good dogs that handled them very well! The course was fairly rough with a few good sized embankments, draws and hills to cover. The dogs all seemed to take it in stride and handled it well.


On Sunday we moved into the arena for the cattle trial. Pete Carmichael set up the course and made sure he challenged us all! The bred heifers that were used worked well with a dog that handled them with authority but without harassment. It was scored on points and time.


As soon as the last cattle run was over, our son Brady who is 5 years old, made his debut trial run (on sheep) with his 1.5 year old dog, Spice. He had a great time and I'm afraid he's hooked now!


There is no way I can thank everyone enough for all of the help to put on the trial!! You were all great. I have to say thanks to my husband Mike who went above and beyond the call of "hubby duty"! He worked very hard helping me get the place ready for the trial in the weeks before hand and then worked overtime during the trial making sure everything ran smoothly!


Our setout crews for the sheep worked tirelessly and the consistency showed in the sets! I sure hope I don't forget anyone, but I want to thank Ken and Bonnie Mitts, Pete Carmichael, Bud Boudreau, Joni Swanke, Rene LaBree, Maralyn Fowler, and Gene Litton.


I also want to thank all of our clerks, timers and scorekeepers. Pat Litton, Barb Ross, Michelle Harrower, Sharon Norstog, JoEllen Wiese, Amy Wiese, Melissa Wiese, and Patsy Bunney.


Our secretary and my sanity through the trial was my cousin Mary Kay Sell. She did an outstanding job of keeping things running smoothly even when I was sure I had lost my mind.


Thanks to Betty Linenbrink for bringing her concessions stand out and keeping us all fed and taken care of!


Also, thanks to everyone who brought food for then handlers dinner on Friday night!! Your all such a great group of people!!


Now for the results (didn't think I was ever going to get here, huh!):


Open Sheep Friday: 28 dogs

1. Gerald Bunney - Luke

2. Pete Carmichael - Hooker

3. Charles O'Reilly - Jiggs

4. Bud Boudreau - Peg

5. Jo Woodbury - Hooty


Pro-Novice Sheep Friday: 27 dogs

1. Joni Swanke - Jiggs

2. Pete Carmichael - Deacon

3. Laura Hicks - Nell

4. Leo Woodbury - Sandy

5. Laura Hicks - Zac


Nursery Sheep Friday: 7 dogs

1. Joni Swanke - Gabby

2. Herb Aronson - Bobbi


Open Sheep Saturday: 31 dogs

1. Joni Swanke - Spot

2. Barb Ross - Rex

3. Gerald Bunney - Luke

4. Jo Woodbury - Taz

5. Gene Litton - Kate


Pro-Novice sheep Saturday: 26 dogs

1. Leo Woodbury - Tip

2. Pete Carmichael - Deacon

3. Rene LaBree - Hank

4. Laura Hicks - Zac


Nursery Sheep Saturday: 8 dogs

1. Bud Boudreau - Twig

2. Gerald Bunney - Lad


Open Cattle: 18 dogs

1. Murray Ketteler - Freckles

2. Gerald Bunney - Luke

3. Charles O'Reilly - Jiggs

4. Pete Carmichael - Nap


Pro-Novice Cattle: 10 dogs

1. Pete Carmichael - Deacon

2. Gerald Bunney - Loner


Nursery Cattle: 5 dogs

1. Gerald Bunney - Lad


Novice Cattle: 2 dogs

1. JoEllen Wiese - Whit

2. Amy Wiese - Dutch



Laura www.LMstockdogs.com

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That Luke dog of Mr.Bunney's...man didn't I tried to wiggle that dog out of him,he wouldn't budge. I offered the man anything he wanted,he wouldn't have any of it.

That's one awesome dog.


I know he bred him,have you seen any of his (Luke's)little tykes running yet?



Inci Willard





PS: I saw them at their very first trial at Litton's and Luke took the first place in P/N with such a little points lost. He had never triallied before that day.





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Hi Inci,

You know, I'd have to ask him which one of his young dogs he's running is by Luke. I know most of them are related, just not sure if it's with Luke as their sire or Gerald's old dog. Luke is a really great dog! Gerald is one heck of a handler as well. I just love watching him handle stock. He can take a cow that's ready to eat someone's lunch and make her look like a milk cow!


I'll ask him if Lad or Lady are by Luke next time I talk to him.



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