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L & M's Stockdog Trial was held for the first time on November 3, 2001. Hoping for the best but always preparing for the worst, we were pleasantly surprised with how well things turned out. The weather couldn't have been better! A beautiful, warm day with just a minimal breeze.


Sharon Norstog was our judge for the Open sheep. Pete Carmichael took over then for the Pro-Novice and Novice Sheep. Joni Swanke officiated for the cattle portion of the trial which was run by points/time. They all did a fantastic job!!


We ran the sheep trial first thing in the morning. The pasture we ran in was hilly enough to give a good challenge, but certainly workable for most dogs. We ran on our ewes which are a commercial white-faced flock. They had all been worked enough with a dog that they weren't completely freaked out, but had never been broke down or penned before so proved to be just right to trial with.


The cattle portion of the trial began just shortly after noon. The cattle were 600 lb weaned calves that had seen a dog as a large bunch, but had never been broken down. They didn't really hunt any dogs down, but occasionally the dog did have to "draw their lines in the sand".


Being our first time hosting a trial, we have a few bumps we need to iron out before next year, but all in all, we felt it was a success. This was due in huge part to all of the great help we received from everyone!! Handlers, spouses, family and neighbors included. Stockdog people are really great.


Results following:

Open Sheep:

1st - Joni Swanke - Tag

2nd - Pete Carmichael - Luke


Pro-Novice Sheep:

1st - Ken Mitts - Hawk

2nd - Joni Swanke - Moss

3rd - Laura Hicks - Zac


Novice Sheep:

1st - Ken Mitts - Hap


Open Cattle:

1st - Gerald Henzler - Toots

2nd - Laura Hicks - Zac

3rd - Pete Carmichael - Luke


Pro-Novice Cattle:

1st - Murray Ketteler - Creigh

2nd - Murray Ketteler - Myst


Nursery Cattle:

1st - Pete Carmichael - Hooker



L & M Stockdogs http://www.angelfire.com/sd/hicks/index.html




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