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Jordan trial results?

L and M Ranch

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Bill, or anyone else that may have the results, I am dying to hear how the Open went out there. I heard that Joni's Cap won the Double Lift Finals, but that is the only tidbit I caught. No pressure or anything, but when you get the chance, can you fill me in! :rolleyes:


Thanks to you and Kevin for such a great trial!!


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Guest PrairieFire

Hey Laura - nice work on your part, by the way...


I'm trying to get the "official" results from Kevin, but I can feed you the following...


Double Lift Finals

Joni Swanke and Cap

Bud Boudreau and Gael

Bud Boudreau and Swael


With a very difficult look back on the second leg of the lift (up a hill and totally blind for the dogs), 14 of the 15 dogs completed the lift portion - which I thought was pretty impressive...


That's all I'm comfortable with posting right now, hopefully I'll have more soon...



Bill Gary

Kensmuir, Working Stockdog Center

River Falls, WI



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