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Jack Knox Semora NC Jan 13-15 2007

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Irena Farm in Semora NC is pleased to welcome Jack Knox again in January for a three day stockdogs handlers' clinic MLK weekend (Sat-through Monday). The cost will be $200 per dog which will include lunch each day.


All breeds and all levels of experience are welcome. Facilties include a round pen, small paddocks, and a ten acre field. The sheep are wool crosses.


Semora is located 20 minutes southeast of Danville, VA (about an hour from Lynchburg), 40 minutes northwest of Durham, NC, and about an hour from Greensboro, NC. A wide selection of conveniently located hotels are available in Danville, VA and Roxboro, NC (about 12 miles from Semora). There is also plenty of room for camping (no hookups) - and level, non-muddy parking (some may remember the mess last year getting out of our old place!).


Contact Rebecca Shouse at (336) 234-0389 or the e-mail below for more information or for registration.


Hope to see you there!


Rebecca Shouse

Irena Farm

54 Scott Road

Semora, NC


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I will be there with bells on! I'm not sure if I'll be able to enter both Celt and Bute but I'll make the attempt to save up enough for both. When do you need a check?


Now, this is predicated on being able to mooch off Julie's hospitality and the guarantee of a dinner or two in the presence of the canny Scot himself, like last time.


I sent you and Laura an email about the November clinic and motel info.

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Oh yes, we're planning a "group" dinner, probably in Danville.


I'll send you a reg form tonight. I'm hoping we can get an online form up tonight plus Patrick thinks he can set up a way to pay through paypal. I'm going to make the deposit date mid-Decemberish (don't have a calendar in front of me, somewhere close to one month out).

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The registration information is now posted at http://goosedogs.com/irena We are looking into striking a deal with our landlord to offer rental of some cabins he has about a mile from our farm. They are rustic but heated, with full bathrooms and kitchens, and one even has a fenced "backyard".

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