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Update on my Vet Tech school Exp.

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I like the vet they gave me 40 mins for 2 dogs and the bill was pretty average for a local vet bill and they clipped jewels nails. The vet was so nice he even had Dal on his lap petting him.


He had time to discuss Jewels anxiety/submissive problems and create a plan of action.


They also seemed pretty open to my ideas that I've learned through here and other sources. Even so far as saying that although I should do Lepto Next year the other shots are now every 3.


Maddie then went to class on Wed and she was a hit.

My Niece is spending weekends with us so Maddie was comfortable enough going with her that she took a nap.


My niece also gets a student discount so she can help us get the new foster a good Vet exam and Neuter.

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