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Any Trials around TN or KY???

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Hey yall, I can't seem to find any trials in livestock dogs around TN and KY. Do you know of any? If we go to a trial can we take our bc even if we're not competing? We have never been to one and it would be a great learning experience for all of us. I would love to trial Rose when she's trained next year. THANKS!! yall are the best!!

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Here is a link to the USBCHA Upcoming Trials Page. I haven't looked through lately for trials around KY, since I am in OH, but I know there is a few that are held around there.


I think you are safest to check with the trial host about bringing your dog, but I have never been to a trial so I will be interested in seeing the repsonse to that question also. I would love to take Nellie to a trial.


Hope this helps.

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OH, I found one!!! in Millington TN..there's Millington Goat Days and the trials. I emailed for more info. If anyone close (or far) is going..email me please it would be great to meet you. We did this on the goat ring that I belong too and 5 years later we all get together every chance we can to 'see each other' and have some great fun!!! THANKS!!!! There are some in KY that we may go too. I asked the director at Millington if I can bring my dog. BUT I just read on the trainers post that you're not supposed to let your dog "watch" but I don't know if that means competing or spectating? DUH!! does anyone know what I should do?? Rose goes everywhere with us and is well behaved for a 7month old pup. Just tell me what yall think.

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I have been taking my young dog(s) with me to trials since puppyhood without any problems.


Your responsibility is to make sure that your dog or pup is well-behaved - always on lead, no barking, not disturbing others whether or not they are competing, soiling in inappropriate places (take your plastic bags), etc.


If the sheep work is too "stimulating" for your pup, remove her so she can't see the stock and the dog working.


I think a trial venue is a fabulous place to socialize a young dog - working Border Collies at a trial are some of the best-adjusted, best-socialized dogs I have ever seen. They will largely ignore your young dog because the work and the stock are foremost on their minds, not young dogs.


As for competitions, the Kentucky Border Collie Association holds one of the premier events in the eastern part of the US - the Bluegrass Classic in May. Prior to that, they hold a series of benefit trials over several months. You won't go wrong attending any one of their trials and the Bluegrass will blow your mind. It is hard to find another Open course that is its equal in size and demands made on the dog and handler.


Even novices can be helpful at trials - get some understanding of what's going on at trials, volunteer to help, and you will learn as you enjoy watching the competitions.


I am a real novice myself, and have had the opportunity to scribe (keep score for the judge), post (put the scores on the scoreboard, checking the math of the scribe), and help with handling sheep (just starting to do this). Trials are dependent on volunteers and, in volunteering, you gain valuable insight into what goes on in a trial.

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