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  1. Well, Rose (BC) starting herding Tigger (BFLAC)big fat lazy ...cat!! Tigger is a total indoor kitty because all claws are removed. Well, sometimes Tig likes to duck out the door..especially when you're running REALLY late..no problem..yell for Rose and she herds Tigger back in..problem solved! They play really well together. To hear them (which some folks have heard them over the phone)you would think they are trying to kill each other..but it's all in fun. When Tigger is fed up..he jumps to the top of the fridge and sits there till Rose gets tired of waiting. I would let them play..teach your
  2. Not sure if I am posting in the right spot..but here goes..We went this weekend to the Bluegrass and it was AWESOME! We got to meet Julie Poudrier and Twist! We don't know much about trialing but grabbed a program and followed along. It was so great to see the dogs and handlers working together. We took our two kids and our BC Rose..and we all learned a lot! I really recommend to anyone that loves herding to go watch. Meeting Julie and all the other nice folks was the highlight of the weekend. Hope to see you next year!
  3. OH, yall can let me know who's going.Email me if you like and we'll meet somewhere there at the trial. That would be so cool!! Good Luck to everyone!! Who knows? maybe next year or two..our Rose will be competing?!!!
  4. Hey, wanted to share this with yall. We plan to go as spectators and take Rose. This will be our first trial ever to SEE so we're really excited. Here's the link: http://www.bluegrasstrial.com/. Feel free to email me if you plan to go. We'd love to meet yall!!!!
  5. Wow! went back and read that thread (thanks! Julie) that makes a BIG difference now. We are going to our FIRST field trial Sunday (just to watch) and I was holding off the surgery because it would take 7 to 10 days for recovery (not getting wet, dirty, etc.) so we decided to wait and see if it bothers her. I had no idea it was a TOE..so far she's fine with it. I will wrap it though just to keep her from re-injuring it. Yall are the best...THANK YOU!!
  6. Thanks yall. It is the front right dew claw. It does wiggle and feels loose at the base. I felt of her 'good one' and it's tight like it should be. That way I know what I am 'looking for'. I will check her when I get home this afternoon and see how it is. Thanks again yall are great!!! I'll keep you updated.
  7. Hey, yall. Rose was playing frisbee today and I don't know when she did it, but she bent back or broke her dew claw. It was bleeding for a little while and it stopped. But now it feels 'loose' and you can tell it's sore, because she doesn't want me messing with it. what should I do? Will it come off by itself or is this a vet issue? Thanks for your help!!
  8. Oh, thanks I have to go buy some stuff for our great pyrs who are already getting hot spots. we have used Gold Bond Medicated powder (the menthol scented) and that works great too. the menthol tastes funny so the dogs will quit licking the spot. It will usually heal a hot spot in 3 days or less. Depending on how bad they are to begin with.
  9. Diane, I am so sorry for yall's loss. I watched our neighbors barn go up in flames this past July and there's nothing you can do.It's a helpless sick feeling. It's so sad about losing the music and stuff. All the things that are irreplaceable. Give Kodiak a big hug from me! A hug to both of you too. That's always my greatest fear in life either the house or the barn going up in flames. Prayers and best wishes for yall's recovery and rebuilding.
  10. We use 3 great pyrs to guard our goats..and they are wonderful. I had thought about using a mini or standard donkey, but went with the dogs instead. I was more afraid of the donkey kicking a pregnant goat or kid than afraid of what the dogs would do. My inlaws have chickens and they keep their great pyr next to the chicken pen. Snowball barks at the buzzards and hawks to keep them away. She really amazes me at how she looks up in the sky and 'watches' for the birds. I have seen our dogs do the same thing too. Especially when we have newborn kids running around. I think it's whatever would suit
  11. Try the words "NO BITE" it works on Rose our BC when she wants my husband to play and she's biting on him. Use a very stern voice and everytime she's bites you say NO BITE..works great when she's herding the goats too!!!
  12. Our Labs have them on their elbows too. They have never hurt anything or become sore. Ace & Cheyenne are on a concrete surface in a chain link fenced area. As for our BC, she's just 7 months old.Ace is 4years and Cheyenne is going on 2years. You can put some A&D ointment (yea, its the baby diaper rash stuff on their elbows, it helps with other scrapes and skin problems.) We've used it on the horses, goats, and dogs...oh and the two legged babies too!!!!
  13. Thanks Sue. That helps a lot. I didn't think about volunteering...but I'll give it a shot. It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm learning so much and so is Rose. We are having a great time and that's what matters most. Good Luck with your dogs too!
  14. OH, I found one!!! in Millington TN..there's Millington Goat Days and the trials. I emailed for more info. If anyone close (or far) is going..email me please it would be great to meet you. We did this on the goat ring that I belong too and 5 years later we all get together every chance we can to 'see each other' and have some great fun!!! THANKS!!!! There are some in KY that we may go too. I asked the director at Millington if I can bring my dog. BUT I just read on the trainers post that you're not supposed to let your dog "watch" but I don't know if that means competing or spectating? DUH!! d
  15. Hey yall, I can't seem to find any trials in livestock dogs around TN and KY. Do you know of any? If we go to a trial can we take our bc even if we're not competing? We have never been to one and it would be a great learning experience for all of us. I would love to trial Rose when she's trained next year. THANKS!! yall are the best!!
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