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Hi all,

I just wanted to put a note out that we will be having Julie Simpson here (Richmond VA) for lessons again this year. She will do limited bookings the evening of October 11, and all day October 12th. For those of you who do not know Julie, she is one of the top handlers in the UK. She won the supreme international with her dog Moss and is a constant winner/placer at trails in the UK. She competed well at the world trial with her dog Tess. Julie is an excellent trainer, having quite a way with dogs and handlers alike. He quiet method works well at all levels and she is very good at explaining things in a way that people can understand. To reserve your spot, please mail a check made out to Sam Furman, 5226 N. Warriner Road, Richmond VA 23231 Cost will be 120.00 an hour and you need to send half of your fee to hold your spot. Checks will be cashed and non refundable two weeks prior to the lessons.


Please contact me at 804-829-6066 if you have any additional questions..also please send me an email to let me know your check is in the mail as the spots usually fill quite quickly and it will be first come first serve.


Best Sam Furman

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