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This will be Patrick?s 4th annual clinic in at Frank and Penny Tose?s place, 551 South Valley Road, Poplarville, Mississippi, 39470. The email address is ftose@direcway.com and the phone number is (601) 795-2080.


Patrick started out in livestock without a dog, first working in a stockyard part-time while in school then with 250 registered ewes of his own. When he got his first stock dog to help manage the ewes, he soon learned the value of a well trained dog. Since that time, Patrick has become one of the country?s foremost and best respected trainers, judges, and handlers. He has won the USBCHA/ABCA National Finals and many other well known dog trials. He is one of the most sought after sheep dog trial judges in the country and has judged the National Finals among numerous others. He has served on the boards of both the USBCHA and the ABCA; and he is a regular columnist for the American Border Collie Magazine.


Patrick is known for his skills in helping beginners make the transition from trainer to handler by moving from treating dog and sheep as adversaries to partners in a cooperative effort. He also helps more experienced handlers develop finesse and broaden their skills.


When working with someone, Patrick studies their dog and their situation and looks to the long term development of the handler and dog as an ongoing team. He also helps his students to trust their dogs and to read the livestock. His students range from beginners who take weekly lessons to skilled handlers, some managing livestock operations or successfully competing in stock dog trials or both. It is not uncommon for both trainers and their students to attend Patrick?s clinics.


Patrick brings out the best in the handler/dog relationship, and those improvements both in behavior and insight continue long after a clinic is over.


The clinic cost is $130 for the weekend with private lessons on Monday. The private lessons are $25 per half hour and $50 per hour.


Lunch on Saturday, dinner on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday are on the house, as is lunch on Monday if you?re taking private lessons. Friends and family accompanying anyone entered in the clinic are not charged a fee and are included in meals. Other observers are $25 per person.

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