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Pedialyte Enemas?

Guest pax

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A friend of mine down in Tennessee found two puppies loose in the road, and she took them in.


They are about 10 weeks old, she thinks, and skin and bones.


She took them to the vet and one was diagnosed with Parvo.


They sent her home with some meds (I'm sorry, I'm not sure what) but also instructions to give the puppy Pedialye enemas.


I have to confess I am surprised. I've never heard of this. Is this normal? Why wouldn't they just put a line in? That's got to be traumatic, to be done repeatedly, when they are already distressed and sick.


I am scratching my head...

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I've never heard of pedialyte enemas, period. Are you sure the vet wasn't simply telling your friend to get pedialyte and get fluids into the pups in the *normal* way? I would think that the last thing a pup with parvo needs is an enema. And did they even suggest to your friend that she might want to isolate the sick puppy from the one without apparent illness?


Something sounds really strange to me about this....



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Yeah, the whole thing seemed weird to me, too.


No, they did not tell her to isolate the sick pup, not from it's sister, and not from her own (fully vaxed) adult dogs.


I just find it difficult to imagine a pup with parvo's going to be able to derive any benefit from a Pedialyte enema. Maybe the other end...but this?


And I'm sure this is what the vet told her...she's a nurse. I don't think she'd muck something like that up that badly.


Really just....stymied. I am going to ask her to come read this thread...you can read without registering, right?

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Yes, normal recommendation - my vet has had me do that to a pup before. When they can't absorb orally d/t nausea and vomiting they can absorb rectally.


In human health care they do the same thing in some circumstances. They don't use Pedialyte LOL, but similar products (that of course cost more) specifically made for human health care can be used.


The pup's sister has already been fully exposed, and seperation would only be only emotionally traumatic for both pups, possibly detrimentally, at this time. If the adult dogs are vaccinated, or even heavily exposed to the public world of dogs, they should have more than adequete immunity.

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