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Prednizone reaction - still no diagnosis


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Well Lili is home and on a low-dose of Prednizone which caused her to wander and pant all night. The Doctor suggested to crate her to hinder her ability to wander and then maybe she'll (we'll!) sleep. No test results back yet to know the type of brain disease but we are hoping for the best. She looks 100% better and walks much better but still has the slight head tilt and unsteady at times.

Thanks so much for everyone's well wishes in our other post (in the photo gallery). Lili's my main reason for joining but have really enjoyed seeing all the other pictures and reading everyone's stories. It is helpful at this time of uncertainty. The pictures bring a smile to my face!

If anyone else out there has any other side effects of the Prednizone, please let me know. They may do a 48 hour drip with meds in it to help her disease and to possibly eliminate the Pred. From what I understand, based on the higher form of this thing, there is no cure but it is treatable....so who knows.


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The main "visible" short-term side effects of prednisone are the 4 P's: panting, polydipsia (excessive drinking), polyuria (excessive urination) and polyphagia (excessive appetite). I'd take those any day over serious illness, so if that's what you trade to control something bad, rejoice in them. Let her drink and pee all she wants; the pred makes the urine dilute, so they have to drink extra to keep up with that. She doesn't need more food, she only BELIEVES she needs more food, so if you can don't let her gorge herself. These side effects will taper as you taper the meds (we never withdraw steroids abruptly.)


In the long run, you can have coat changes and hair loss (symmetrical, over the body but usually sparing the extrmities), a pot-bellied appearance, thinning of the skin, induction of liver enzymes and immunosupression, but the goal of therapy is to taper the meds before you go there. Still, these are sometimes worth the trade (depending on the alternative.) Depending on the dose you taper to, these may be negligible or undetectable.


I'm glad things are looking better today (in spite of the pacing and panting) and I hope things continue well for you.

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WOW! Thanks so much for all the information. I too will take anything over a serious illness - still waiting on results with a diagnosis.


She had all the 4 P's last night except for the appetite. I'm not sure if it was the excitement of being home and with her "sister" but she didn't eat as much but did make an attempt this morning. I will check to see if she'll eat more at lunch when I go home from work.


The Doctor hopes to decrease the Prednizone but is all based on the test results and if she gets this IV drip medication over the weekend and how she responds to it all. So far so good with her mobility. And she still wants to play with her toys so she is still in there!


Thanks again for all the information. This forum has been so helpful and comforting.

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