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Webbed Feet & Yello Fur...

Syd's Mom

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I have Red & White Border Collie Puppy.


His white hair is a strange yellow color when it is wet. I thought it was stained from the farm when i got him , but it has been weeks and many baths later and it still shows yellow when it is wet. He is about 13 weeks old, could it be puppy fur?


Also, he has webbed feet. Is this comon? I didn't think they were supposed to have webbed feet.



Jess & Syd.

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Psst. You actually got slipped a lab mix puppy!




Lots of dogs have webbed feet. Most of my purebreds have had them, while my two mixes down the years, have not.


It can take a few weeks for stained or unhealthy guard hair to shed out and make way for healthy hair. Also, you mention several baths - I just washed my pupper (15 weeks old) for the first time last week. Too many baths can dry out your pup's coat and make it hold dirt. A Border collie coat should shed dirt pretty efficiently. Rocky plays in the pond and goes out to the pasture with me and by night he's at least superficually clean enough to sleep on the bed with us (when Cord and Zhi let him), as are the rest of the dogs.

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Hey, thanks for the advise.

There is a reason for several baths, and it isn't beacuse I am a clean puppy fanatic at all.


It is more because my puppy is a goose poop fanatic. Goose poop I can deal with, it is hard, but he is also a Dog poop etc. fanatic, and this I can't deal with it is rancid. I wish I wasn't needing to bath him every time he got out of my sight for two minutes. It is Foul.


I dunno, Poop is his favorite snack, meal, and the best thing he can find to roll around in.

He eats grass all of teh time too.

While I am on the subject, any one have any ideas on what i should do about this? I am at a loss.

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13wks? Well, I guess you could wrap him in Saran Wrap! :rolleyes: Pups go through a very yucky stage. I have often wondered why puppy food wasn't made cat poop flavored! Since you do have to bathe him a lot, try getting a shampoo that is made for dogs with extremely dry hair/skin. It shouldn't be as harsh. If you can catch him doing it, a quick correction will lesson his desire to do it. Maybe. Skip got a bath soon after we brought him home cuz he had a chicken coop smell to him. (farm dog) I couldn't wait for it to go away, AND I found some puppy shampoo that was Jasmine and I loved the smell of it!


As far as webbed feet, both my BCs and my muttly have webbed feet.

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OH. Goose poop, huh? I have a kiddie pool with clean water and I also hose the guys down if they get really gross before coming inside. If you then towel him right before the door (I skip this step) he should be about as clean as a dog gets.


As Linda mentioned, just say, Ah-ah if he dives for the poop. It's good practice for later when the forbidden thing might be something truly dangerous! :rolleyes:

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