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OT: cat nutrition - AK Dog Doc?


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I have learned, from here and the working stock dog fourm, not to use puppy chow, to avoid dog kibble with corn, and what percentages of fat and protien to look for in dog food.


Now that "Tulip" - soon to be renamed - is joining us, I need some info about kittens and cats. I tried a web search - but I don't know who to trust. They all seem to start with "I'm no expert in cat physiology" then go on to make pronouncements as if they were. Should I buy kitten chow or cat chow? Should I worry about the ash content - and if so, how so? And so on.


I suppose we could try for Mouse Morsels, Sparrow Supreme, Mole Munchies, Squirrel Surprise.... But not from my backyard!

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