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Choking dog..when to intervene?


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Last night Jazz scared the bejeebers out of me. He was eating his kibble when one of our cats jumped the gate. Jazz and the cats have never gotten along. Anyway, Jazz started to bark and in the process must have inhaled kibble into his windpipe.

Fortunately, I was close by and heard him gasping for air. His eyes were in 'panic' mode so I grasped him around the chest and did something of a heimlich manouver. After what seemed an eternity, he finally started to breathe normally.

Afterwards, I wondered if I intervened too soon and could I have caused more problems. In our CPR courses, we are always taught to NOT intervene if the person is still 'breathing'. Is it the same with dogs?

Anyway, Jazz seemed none the worse after his experience but I was close to being a wreck for a bit!

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