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I stopped by the shelter yesterday to find out what kind of HW test they used and they said they use the occult (antigen) test, the same kind the vets use, and that he was negative. My vet said that he's in the medium to high range for heartworms and his x-ray did show a slightly englarged heart and lung scarring. There are many times where he's breathed harder/faster than he should since I adopted him (almost 6 months ago) and I'm assuming this is a symptom. He's also had a few bouts of coughing and lung infection.


The shelter doesn't understand how his heartworm disease can be so far advanced and neither do I. Is it more likely that the test was faulty somehow or there was human error, or is it more likely that he doesn't have heartworms as bad as my vet thinks?


I stopped by the shelter just to let them know and apparently she thought I wanted to turn Boyden back over to them. You should have seen my eyeballs pop out of my head! :eek:

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Miztiki - I think I mentioned this before but my vets tell me that heartworm tests should be done every 6 months because you can be positive and not show it for some time.


I don't know if there is an once of truth in that, but both my dogs get tested every 6 months. it could very well be that the shelter didn't see anything or totally screwed it up or lied to you just to get the dog out the door. In any case, you caught it now, in time to treat him and make Boyden all better. That's what counts!



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