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Fish oil/Salmon oil..???


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I went to the store last night to pick up some fish oil for Dublin. I remember reading that cod oil wasn't really a good choice, so I knew to avoid that.


I still had a choice of 2 different types of supplements, each called "Fish Oil" and another one labelled "Salmon Oil". Any one know which one would be best? Is Salmon Oil better than generic fish oil?

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I get my salmon oil from a catalog pet supply place - many sell "Grizzly" wild salmon oil. I actually use a brand I found that's a bit less expensive than Grizzly but Grizzly has the advantage of being widely available.


I like the idea of the oil coming more or less from a known source. I don't know what the unnamed fish oil is, but just in case I go ahead and get the wild salmon oil. I also alternate with other OFA sources when my budget allows it.

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