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Is it Antifreeze? or not??


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A friend's BC is almost in renal failure, and it appears to be from antifreeze poisoning. They don't have antifreeze and don't believe the dog escaped and got into any. Is there anything that mimics AF poisoning, but is really something else?? BUN is 5x higher than normal.


I've already passed on to her that she can do an Ultrasound to confirm AF poisoning (still waiting to hear back from her on that).


Thanks for any help!


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When my dog got Lepto last year, they suspected anti-freeze posioning initially. My vet said it is only detectable in the first 48 hours or something because then it cyrstalizes and gets passed in the urine. By then the damage is done.


However, they were practically certain that he had antifreeze poisoning, until we did the Lepto titres.



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