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sore on elbow


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Molly has a couple of scabby areas on one of her elbows. The sores are about the size of a dime and there are 2 of them - they are hard and crusty - no evidence of blood or any injury. I brush & inspect her every other day and just noticed one a few days ago and the other today.


Are these pressure sores or could it be something else? She doesn't spend any significant time outside on the concrete patio. She naps on the tile floor and of course her crate. Is there anything I can do to help them heal? They don't seem to bother her too much (except when I'm examining them). I'm concerned they will turn into furless callous areas and will never be the same - how can this be prevented? She has a dog bed and is allowed on the furniture, but she prefers being on the cool tile this time of year. Any ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated. BTW, she'll be 7 mos old next week. TIA!

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Fergie has similar spots on each front elbow. And so do all the dogs in the neighborhood whose elbows I can see.


When I first noticed Fergie's, I was worried. Until I saw all the others. I guess it must be normal. She's had them when we went for her vet check-up. I forgot to aaks, but the vet was thorough and didn't point them out as she did anything that she considered even a possible problem.

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