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I joined this forum for a simple reason. I raise my dog alone and although i am experienced raising Border Collies those experiences don't alleviate the pains of raising a pup to maturity. Experience allows me to understand that all things pass and all days end , it doesn't shield me from any pain of day to day border collie process. I find comfort in knowing there are others who struggle in going through the same process.

Me and the dog are a team.  We are off leash. I build a relationship with my dogs i don't train them. I have one god/hardline command which is Stand!, everything else i teach my dog is optional. Communication is the greatest asset to relationship building and border collies are bred to communicate. 

I can only offer my perspective on my experiences with border collies, so if i comment its not advice its perspective.


I wish you and your teams the very best .


(p.s.  i find typing and the internet rather arduous so i hope you can forgive my abbreviated / short comments or posts)




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