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Puppy Zest Needs Your Help!

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So sorry for the huge paragraph breaks. Not sure how I can undo them, but please read to the end anyway. Thanks.
This beautiful puppy was hit by a car last week in upstate NY, ending up with very serious but operable injuries that resulted in her owners opting to have her euthanized.
Zest has been relinquished to New England Border Collie Rescue (NEBCR), who is holding an online auction to raise the funds needed for her surgeries and rehab care. As of this writing there have been 128 items or lots donated. There are border collie specific items, generic dog items, items for people and even a couple of cat oriented items ranging from smaller single items to several big ticket items, as well (including a high end leather collar for the folks who love bling!). Definitely something for just about anyone.
The auction will go live at 5 pm EST today, Sunday March 7th and run until Saturday March 13th at 5 pm EST.
Please share this information widely; the more bidders, the more chance we have of making money to help Zest recover and be ready for adoption.
Thanks for reading!
NEBCR needs your help!
Late [on March 1st] we were contacted about a 7 month old female border collie with serious injuries including a broken leg. Zest was hit by a car and the family had chosen to have her euthanized (for reasons we do not know and will not speculate about). Thankfully an NEBCR volunteer works at the clinic and was there and convinced the family to relinquish her to rescue instead.
Since accepting Zest into rescue we have found out that she also has a fractured hip that will require subsequent surgery/care once her leg is addressed. We don’t have a final estimate yet, but expect that the total cost for her care may climb to $10,000+.
NEBCR never turns dogs away due to medical issues or age, however as an all-volunteer non-profit organization, we cannot do this important work without the help of our generous supporters. This is even more important now, as the COVID pandemic has put a major dent in our fundraising efforts over this past year. Your donation in any amount is very appreciated!
You can donate directly through PayPal...on our website [https://www.nebcr.org/] or via check sent to:
c/o Mo Clark
14 Winifred Rd.
Framingham, Ma. 01701
NOTE: As a registered non-profit NEBCR is legally only allowed to use the funds donated to or fundraised for to assist in the care of dogs that are current NEBCR foster dogs. Those funds cannot be given/donated/transferred to private individuals for use for any reason, or to assist with any dog that is not legally an NEBCR foster dog. This family determined, for reasons that we won't get in to and will not question, that they felt it was best for their situation at this time to relinquish Zest to NEBCR.

Wounded Zest.jpg

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