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2 weeks ago, we rehomed a lovely 1 year old male, neutered bc. We are currently giving him 10.5 hours of undivided attention everyday between 2 adults (exercise, training, play).

He doesn’t know how to settle, walk nicely on leash, socialise with other dogs or people. when he is not crated, or ‘doing things’, he starts to pace and bark and dig. We are both 1st time owners and struggling-would really appreciate some advice.

his previous schedule: crated 7 hours a day during the day and then been walked for 1.5 hours in the evening. Rest of the time he would play with another family dog. His previous owner struggled to give him much training or socialisation when he was young.

his current schedule:

6.15am 45 min walk Pee+poop

2.5 hours of play(15 min slots), training (15 min slots) and settle (15 min slots)

9.30am breakfast with kongs,  Lickimats, then pee.

10am-1pm crate with chews

1pm-2pm, 40 min garden play + pee break + 10 min of training. ( weekends, this may be 2 hours walk)

2pm-5pm crate. 

5pm-7.30pm pee+poop +play+training+settle 

7.30pm dinner and pee

8-9pm settle and relax

9.15pm pee+ sleep

We have a dog trainer and the focus so far has been to relax and settle. However we need to get to a stage where he NEEDS only 4 hours of attention on the week days-otherwise we can’t manage.

what should we be doing more?


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