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  1. Thank you everybody-this community is amazing. D’elle-we crate him when he sleeps PLUS 2 lots of 3.5hours during the day when we work. Are you saying we can crate him more than that? His crate is in a quiet place out of the way. Should we get another crate in the living room for him to stay in while we work? Urge to herd- he likes it when I rub his belly or when I nuzzle his neck or his face. But when I stroke him, he runs away. I tried massaging, didn’t work. I also bought the Ttouch book hoping to try that... We experimented today not paying him attention for 10 minutes,
  2. Thanks everyone for their feedback and please send any other advice!!! We've tried to give him unstructured time and let him play alone, but when we do he starts to pace, then run and works himself up, starts barking and gets upset, tries to dig at the floor and shake any soft fabric available/chews. He won't choose to relax unless he's made to. We think he learnt this behaviour when he was locked up all day. We have the schedule to teach him how to relax and stop him from working himself up. We've been keeping meeting people and dogs to a minimum, tried non-drug methods (d
  3. Hi everybody, We homed our lovely boy 2 months ago. He is now 13 month old and requires 8 hours of supervision/day (ie any time he is not crated). Is this normal? We rehomed him from a previous owner who loved him but couldn’t cope with the demands. He was left in a small utility room with one other dog for 7-8 hours a day, after which he would have garden time+ a walk in the evening (~1.5hrs). He hasn’t met many people or dogs. He is noise sensitive, chases cars, people reactive and dog reactive. Our dog trainer and behaviourist both thinks he will benefit from behaviour drugs( Pro
  4. Hi, 2 weeks ago, we rehomed a lovely 1 year old male, neutered bc. We are currently giving him 10.5 hours of undivided attention everyday between 2 adults (exercise, training, play). He doesn’t know how to settle, walk nicely on leash, socialise with other dogs or people. when he is not crated, or ‘doing things’, he starts to pace and bark and dig. We are both 1st time owners and struggling-would really appreciate some advice. his previous schedule: crated 7 hours a day during the day and then been walked for 1.5 hours in the evening. Rest of the time he would play with another
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