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I know many people on these boards feed raw.  That is not an option for me.  So who feeds dry/kibble dog food available from the store?  I have changed food twice.  First one, one of the pups would not eat it.  Literally turned her nose up to it, even when I tried waiting her out.  If she did eat it, she picked at it.  Second one she gobbles up.  Loves it.  But I have soft stools.  Not happy with it. 

I need a readily available food that I can get from a store or online delivery.  Too many times over the years I have changed food to something that was "the style" at that time, only to have it become hard to get (like I would have to drive 2 hours to get it.) One of the drawbacks of living in a rural area.  The older I get, the more important "convenience" becomes.

So, I'd like to get some options for those who feed bag dog food.  I tried searching, but was getting a lot of non-related posts.  Also, I figure that since dog foods change over time, I'd like to get more recent opinions. 

Thank you in advance.

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