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Border Collie 3yrs old not as energetic

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My border collie is 3yrs old and has started to get very easily tired during exercise. He used to run a lot and run for his ball over and over in the field but he has stopped even wanting his ball throwing for him at all. This happened after he went running for his ball and smacked his foot, since then has not run for his ball or wanted it throwing for him. He is not limping and is not in pain. He is just getting quite tired after running a little bit when in the field and carries the ball around instead. He is not acting different when playing in the garden and is jumping for his ball and fine. Its not easy to tell if to take him to a vets as he is acting fine and happy other than that as he is drinking and eating normally. Does this seem like soemthing that should be taken to the vets? 

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