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Vaccines - Thanks!


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I am so glad that you experts have had the discussion about vaccines and titres. The timing was perfect.


I just took Fergie for her yearly check-up. She was due for distemper, parvo, and bordetella vaccines and the heartworm check. They were running the heartworm thing and gave her the bordetella. We hope to board her soon, and that is required. While the vet was checking heart (great low pulse), lungs, teeth, rear, and all, I asked about the whole thing with the yearly vaccines.


She said that she would prefer to draw blood and check the antibody levels. Evidently, the current level of vacccinating appears to lead to auto-immune problems. While vet school predicted 2 or 3 in a vet's lifetime, she has seen 6 or 7 so far this year. We checked Fergie, and she did not need the vaccines.


It cost $45 for the test - they do it in ~15-30 minutes in their own lab.


Now, why I had to ask rather than have her recommend it.... But, thanks to you folks, I did know to ask.

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