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CEA and CL - For CJ and Lewis


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For CJ and Lewis if you?re both still out there


In your excitement about the coming litter (and I?m not making a comment about whether that was a good idea), please remember a couple of things that all responsible Border Collie breeders at least in Australia should do.


First, please get the puppies eye tested by a veterinary ophthalmologist (not just an ordinary vet). These tests need to be done at about 6 weeks of age, and will establish whether the puppies are affected by CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly). If any of the puppies is affected, none of those puppies should ever be bred from, since an affected dog, however mildly affected, is likely to produce severely affected offspring, and even the non-affected dogs are likely to be carriers. If any of the puppies is affected, it also means the parents are carriers.


Secondly, if you haven?t already done so, make sure you understand about CL (Ceroid Lipofuscinosis) which is a serious defect, the genes for which are present in many lines of show Border Collies in Australia. A list of known CL carriers, and a list of known CL litters and their pedigrees can be found at the Border Collie Club of New South Wales website at http://www.bccnsw.com. It is likely that there will be at least one CL carrier somewhere behind your dogs, and it can be an issue even if it is five or six generations back. The 20th CL affected litter since the late 1980?s was notified this year.


If we are to have any chance of reducing or eliminating the incidence of CL in Australia, it is vitally important that all cases are notified so that carriers can be identified. Since it only becomes apparent in dogs from about 18 months to 2 years of age, it is essential that all people who acquire Border Collie puppies in Australia (especially in the eastern states) be given printed information explaining the disease, and how to notify if the worst happens, and their pup develops CL.


Please know that this post is done in the hope of preventing heartbreak for future Border Collie owners, and minimizing preventable problems with the breed.






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Hi Barb, thanks for posting this important issue for CJ and Lewis. My Cruz, has CL in his bloodline and is the reason his previous owners desexed him and gave him to me(they are breeders up here in QLD)He has been tested for it and was given the all clear, but the risk is too great for him to be a sire with his bloodline history.

Thanks again

Mandie(from the top end of Australia)

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That's great infomation and accepted with many thanks. I didn't know about this problem as it's not in the border collie books I have. I am getting the puppy I take desexed as well as Obi-Wan the X and of course Lewis as enough is enough. Considering getting my husband done too. Maybe that will give me abetter deal for bulk. I only want to let the puppies go to homes that will get them desexed. Have learnt alot from this message board.

Thanks again.

Candice Jade xxx

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