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When your dog surprises you


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So this was one of the first times that my dog Oscar had run an excellent jumping course in Australia.  Oscar loves jumping and has essentially no leadout in competition, although he does in training.

Oscar is a tall and long dog, jumping 600mm (which is about 23.6 inches according to Google).  This is our tallest jumping height in Australia.

The Judge for this run (although I was not aware of it when I entered) has a reputation for complex courses.  Oscar, being a long tall dogs, loves his flowing, open courses.  I nearly pulled him when I walked the course because I was 100% sure that Oscar had no chance of being able to make the relatively tight constant turns.  As it was, I do not think anyone got a qualifying run on the course to the best of my memory.

This was absolutely NOT a perfect run.  We clearly DQ'd, as after the third jump, we were supposed to turn 180 degrees and take the jump alongside, not the tunnel directly ahead.  This was my fault, as I was out of position at the start, had to work to turn him after the second jump and then did not cue the turn early enough.  It was a clear trap, which caught, I think, 90+% of the dogs running.  Overall, I thought the course was one of the more technical courses I had run with him.

There was another boggle at the back of the course which again was my fault, with being behind my dog and not signalling his course clearly enough.  I clearly have a much better dog than I am a handler (witness the number of back crosses I do).  Despite my bad handling and a course which I was sure was very unsuited to Oscar, he still surprised and impressed me with his run.  He really has not done foundations properly, I rarely train with him due to lack of time and space, and he trials maybe five times a year.   If I had been able to turn him after jump 3, we probably would have Q'd.


I have been thinking about posting this for ages but seeing Kiran's posts finally gave me the courage to post this run.  I love it when your dog surprises you.

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This is awesome!  Always fun when you get a pleasant surprise and get to be impressed with your own dog and this definitely a hard, hard course! 


(I've been working on 180 degree turns with an off course tunnel 'behind them' today, so this is timely as well as really great!)

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