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Brand New Border Collie owner...

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Hello All, 

Finally after very long time I did manage find enough courage to look for border collie puppy. I will be collecting Rex on 16th and i don't have any clue what is 

  • best type of food (dry /wet ) for puppy what are the best treats 
  • collar or harness 
  • any other advice as after looking for last 2 hours on different websites I did loose the plot what i should actually get. 


I'm based in UK and it will be great to get some advice - links to food / other things which will help me a lot time... 

Picture will be uploaded on Sunday :D

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We feed our puppy on skinners field and trial dry food with a spoonful of butchers puppy tinned food. He is fed 3 times a day 235 grams of food in total for the day, also mixed with goats milk. With regards to leads, we have a standard metal lead and a puppy collar. We also give pedigree puppy treats which he loves.

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We also have a medium sized crate, which he has slept in from day one. He had a blanket which had the scent of his mother, brother and sister on. From the first night he slept from 9 to 4.30. We put a dark blanket over the crate and he is happy there. We gave up on beds in the crate, he just chewed them, so now he just has a blanket in there. He is now 16 weeks old.

You will also need lots a puppy toys for him to chew, as they will chew anything they can.

Make an appointment with vet to get vacinations asap, as you will only be able to take him out for walks once he has had them.

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Hi, @joshuastoke. Welcome to the Boards. And congratulation on the puppy

This particular forum is meant for people to ask questions pertaining to training or trialing for livestock work by an expert in that field.

You may get more responses if you repost it in the General Border Collie Discussion forum.

Be aware, however, that most of the folks on the Boards are in the US, so replies may still be somewhat limited for that reason.


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