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A Black Eye

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A while ago I asked, at the end of a post, whether anyone could explain the black pigment which is spreading around the bottom inner eyelid of my 6 year old. It started as a spot and has gradually worked its way up the inner lid towards the nose side of the eye. It seems to have no effect on his vision but I heve never seen this discussed and wondered why it happens? Age?



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Have you talked to your vet about it,Sue?


I've got a young dog with white head,one eye is black pigmented,other have a very little pigmentation. I have to get the pink lid tattoed black in the near future to avoid sun damage to his eye.

Also,knew a McNab with a similar pink lid,she ended up losing her eye. It started with a foxtail seed which infected her eye and they thought the seed somehow got lodged,then traveled behing the eye ball. It turned out it was a severe case of sun damage.

I try not to work or walk my young dog under bright sun until I'll get him tattoed.



Inci Willard




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