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Need Pics of Border Collies Working Sheep

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I know of someone who's writing a children's book about working dogs and would like photos for the book. So far the only pics I've seen of herding dogs are of ACK breeds and not real working border collies.


I know we've got some fabulous photographers here so thought I'd ask here.


Her first book, Getting Eddie Ready https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Eddie-Ready-Sally-Grottini/dp/1546575669 is about a pup being raised to be a service dog. I haven't seen it and can't speak to the quality.


If anyone ha any good pics of border collies at work that they'd like to share with her, please PM me and I'll put you in touch with her. A sample pic might be helpful.


Here's her original request:


So I'm putting this out there. Recently my Eddie went from a hopeful Service dog to a therapy dog, and I am putting together a kids book about how being different can help us find the job that is right for us. I would love to get some picks of dogs doing jobs such as hunting, water rescue, carting, police work, search & rescue/scenting etc. Everyone must sign a model release for their pup to be in the book. I cannot use the picture if you did not take it.

Later posts indicated an interest in herding as well.


I'm assuming she'd give credit for the photo, but you might want to confirm that with her.



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Thanks. I think she got something. We've parted ways over some differences on another matter, so if she doesn't she's on her own now.


Actually, she'd expressed some misgivings about children thinking the dog was hunting or killing sheep (I told her that's what captions and text are for), so I'm not sure if she'll include a pic of working border collies at all. :rolleyes:

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