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Hello, all! I was fortunate to find this site. Reading such great advice about so many different topics have been a huge help for me this year as a first time BC owner.


I brought home Gibson Coal Porter February 2nd of this year. Gibbs is from herding lines, crazy smart, a happy-go-lucky clown who will purposefully try to make you laugh. He loves people, any animal, and sticks. And the creek. Water is the absolute favorite.


I have watched him grow from a pudgy round 8 pound ball of fuzz to a lanky teenager, all ears and legs, a healthy 47 pounds now at 10 months old. His understanding vocabulary is phenomenal, and so is his constant challenging of authority. :P I work very hard with him daily to keep him busy, happy, and mentally challenged.


I love him so very much.


I feed him a premium quality, high protein, no-grain puppy food. Fully realizing he won't be fully mature until 18months to 2 years, how long should I continue the puppy food before switching to the adult food?


Thank you so much in advance.



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I feed for what my dog does well on. I generally only feed foods that are rated for all life stages BUT many puppy foods are.


Currently two of my adults are eating puppy food (that is labeled as ALS in the fine print) because I like the ingredients, nutrients levels and price and they do well on it. And I always feed for body condition rather than a set amount. I want to be able to easily feel the ribs with only light pressure.

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What a handsome boy! My last three puppies were all on adult/all stages kibble by 7 months. Two were due to weight concerns and my Border Collie was probably 3 or 4 months, partially based on advice of these Boards. I am in agreement with Mara when it comes to diet -- I go by how the dog in front me does.

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I'd say switch him now. I usually swap mine over to adult food by 4 months. A quality all life stages food should be fine. At 47 pounds, he's a big boy, going to get bigger as he fills out, and you don't need to encourage growth, just make sure he's getting good nutrition for healthy growth.

~ Gloria


P.S. He's gorgeous!

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Thank you to all for the great advice. I knew I could rely on these members for their expertise and wisdom. I will be switching immediately, then. I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing for Gibson.


The photo I attached was taken when he was 5 months old. He is now 10 months. I'm really bad about taking enough pictures. See that tulip in his mouth? Gibbs was following me as I was tending my numerous flower beds. I couldn't figure out why my flowers were losing their petals so quickly. I caught him removing all the flowers. He is a helper. Sigh. At least he's discerning. He only destroyed the red ones.


No, he didn't eat them. I wouldn't let him. But he wanted to. Thankfully, he responds well to, "Drop it."


He is as rotten as he is black.


Gibbs at 10 months is lean, ribs easily felt, well muscled, too. Not an ounce of fat. Strong as an ox.


Wish I could say the same. :blink:


Thanks again for the great advice.



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