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Adding second dog to house with BC

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We have always had multiple dogs in the past. When we got Rey, or 10 month old BC, she was the second dog along with our older German Shepard mix. She passed soon after getting Rey so she's been the only dog in the house along with a cat. She gets along with the cat but sometimes initiates play a little roughly with the cat but he runs off and goes to a room that Rey is gated off from, so the cat has his safe room that he can use at will without Rey going in.


I just finished intermediate obedience with Rey and am signing up for and advanced class which will start in a few weeks. So we're working on training fairly regularly.


My wife would like another dog and wants a Cocker Spaniel. We have had three of them in the past so we're familiar with them. I think the best way to do this is to get a CS puppy and let it grow up with Rey. Of course we would have to make sure they both have individual crates etc. But since Rey is my first BC, and we have found that BC's are not really dogs but something very smart in a fur coat, what do I need to know before we do this???

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My BC lives quite happily with dogs she would loathe in other settings/she knows only casually. Don't buy trouble, just do a slow introduction and try to keep her routine.

I have a puppy coming in a couple of weeks. I expect some... drama from the BC, but i also expect it to be short lived.

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