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A little Scoot Preview

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He'll put everything together on course with a little time. He's suuuuuper easy to amp up, so at this point we're trying to keep things quiet and smooth on course. As such, he's slower while weaving on a full course. We're finally getting some strong steering skills so things will start to get faster pretty soon. He's a rear cross specialist, thank god, because I can't possibly stay ahead of this speed demon. He also is getting really good distance skills, I can layer pretty comfortably now if I need to.


He's so much fun to work with because he gives me so many tools in the toolbox. He's so hair trigger that a lean on my end can send him to a backside very easily. I'll be trialing him in USDAA so he'll be needing those skills. I'm only jumping him 20" now, I'll have to bump it up for a while soon.

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