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Barking and Growling

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I adopted a 3 year old border collie, lab about two months ago and he is so sweet. We aren't 100% clear on his past, but are sure that he has had little to no training. Bo loves to bark very loudly at anyone walking past our house and other dogs. He also whines a lot in the car. We have also found that he gives a low warning grow when he is handled ( when we wipe his paws off or he gets too excited when someone new comes around or when the vet is handling him). Finally, Bo likes to mouth when playing and especially go for feet and shoes. I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to work on the barking and growling? Thanks!

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Best to find a highly qualified, certified, positive reinforcement trainer who can observe and teach you and him how to manage these behaviors.


Disciplining him for barking at dogs walking by, or for growling at you while handling his feet will likely backfire and make things worse, so I encourage you not to fall into that line of training.


Good Luck with your new family member!!!

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