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jumping and catch frisbee now

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abby is now 11 months old and is doing better with fetch and is catching her disc now!! but the thing is that she is jumping to catch them now i try keeping the throws low but she still jumps to catch them do you guy think it okay to go full out to start disc dogging more ?

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short answer, no.


2 years is more like the "now you can do stuff" age. 11 months is still pretty young, plates still may have not closed yet - plus all kinds of other joint things. Dazzle is going to be 22 months for her first agility trial - but I am still not going to jump her at 20" (her measured height). Not until she is over 2 years.


If you want your dog to stay together for years to come, just wait a few more months, and keep at least 2 paws on the ground for now.

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Originally posted by Kat's Dogs:

keep at least 2 paws on the ground for now.

Kat, that's all sometimes we can do, you cannot prevent the dog to jumping AT ALL, but you're right, having at least two paws on the ground is doable, even with a high high energy pup.


Mine will be 1 year in a couple of weeks, and I was just thinking about the same thing stwilliams asked, and I see that you're right :rolleyes:

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