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  1. thanks guys i will give all of this a try. this was the kick in the pants that i needed to get me back on track with cooper i think that i forget that he is only 6 months old and is coming to to the teenage years and i can ever reminder what my old man did to me when i was like his age..
  2. OK guy's and gal's it has been sometime that i have posted but i need some good old advice and a kick in the pants in what i am doing wrong with copper. he is now 6 months old and is about 55% on recalls and come better with a frisbee in your hand what can i do in getting him over this hump. it seems that he is just getting alittle hard headed at this age i tried it with me and my wife in differnet parts of the house and yards and in feilds when we are playing, working in training as we play to make it more fun.. do you guys have any other idears or do i need to just go back to the basics
  3. IF you guys go to flyingk9s.com tracy cluster and adrain have great tips on teaching your dog to catch a disc it is a disc doggin club hear in souhtern ohio
  4. all of my agitlty equipment i have made like the a-frame, tunnel (old plastic barrel and fabric sheet hook to it) jump made out of pvc and teeter out of pvc and board( plans on DIY.com)
  5. abby started agiltiy at 10months and had one of the best teachers she was a coach on the usa world agility team it was only a 4 week class we repeated it with a 8week class and quit because of the new trainers and they had no idea what to do and had abby doing contacts at 20" at 12 months old also these trainers only had her training with the large odgs that we much older than her. just be careful in the class and know your pups limits and don't push them to had they are just babies at this age
  6. the canine genuis toys are the best they keep our two going for hours
  7. they would have all of the other adults call your dog and give the treats but poeple would bring there little kids and they would just throw treat do at them and would always we picking at him. the frist night of class cooper has this thing against cars and was very mad and tired from being in the car and he went looked around smelled some thing and went an laid do in a corner like he does at home when other dogs would come up to him he was mad and wanted to be left alone and sleep. well a week later we got him better in a car and the trainer singled him out because of the first night of cla
  8. Ok me and my wife were at petsmart and a lady was giving out flyer for a free puppy preschool classes. Well we thought that we would take cooper there so that he could play with some kids closer to his age all he has been playing with are dogs older than him in the neighborhood that abby plays with to that are our friends. well i don't no what this lady had against BC but we made it only to classes and she said that we could not come back because cooper is to mean not agressive. she had complance by the other poeple there. half the time that we werein that class she had him a room by him
  9. okay guys as of last nite voting is over and a decision has been made we got a male bc pup from a lot farm PICS coming soon
  10. These dogs are our kids and every so often they need a good swift kick in the rear when they do stuff. that we don't want the to do like running or nipping at little ones of think back to when you were a kid what happen to you when you did something wrong. hell i remeber getting hit over the head with a wallet in a hardware store when my dad messed up writing a check. i think that we all can learn and teach from our pasts with our dogs it has worked so far with abby and i hope it will work on the new pup coming soon sometime we need to treat them like they are these dogs are smarter than mos
  11. OK kids i know this has been posted before by many others what should the the next Furry kid be MALE OR FEMALE??? right now we have a female (abby) and we have been talking about getting her a full time brother/sister no just a rent a brother or sister to competle the family i am taking a poll MALE or FEMALE. the thing is abby acts 100 times better with another dog around and seems alot happier to that is why we are thinking about this decision and looking to the pro's on this alot of poeple here in cincy's are leading us to a male to balance her out he are not looking to breed abby has sh
  12. go to flyingk9s.com and they are a group here in cincy and have links to other groups across the usa or there message board at yahoo.com
  13. what i have found is that they need to learn is the crate is a place to rest. we do not give abby any food or water when she is in her crate. she has a routine in the morning to get ready for the day just like we do going to work eat drink play and Potty. now the only thing that do give her in the crate is rubber toys and i change the out every couple of to give her to play with. hope this helps !
  14. just go to tractor supply or home depot and buy lawn tractor ramps and add wood to them and thy will work great
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