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Another recall problem

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I know recall have been discused, but i don't want to teach recall by first time, instead I'm having problem with a mature dog who used to be obedient... until a week ago.


Chemukh used to have a good recall, we had problems with it some months ago but after some time it got good again.


About a week ago, in the park, Chemukh almost hunted a rat in a brushed area, now I can't leave her unleashed because she'll ran at that sector inmediately and do not will pay me any attention at all, trying to find more rats. I've tried to call her showing her tasty food (liver cubes) her favorite toys and I have walked away leaving her but she simply doesn't care. I would go home and she wouldn't care (and I'm being tempted). Take me hours to catch her again because she doesn't let me go near and I don't want to chase her and reinforce that behaviour, besides she is far faster than I am.


As I'm taking care of the foster pup she seems to know that I'm more busy with it and can?t take all my time to get hold of her. This bad behaviour is the same in other parks with brushed areas.


At the moment all I've done is to keep her in a long line, but she is old and smart enough to know when she is tied and when she is free to use it as a tool to teach the recall again, she will do her flights again as soon I take off the line again.


I try to stay cool and praise her when she spontaneously comes to me (as said... a good hour after)but at the moment all I do is try not to agravate the problem, but I'm in blank in how to find a solution. Any suggestion will be more than appreciated.

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hmmm. yeah, that is a problem.


What if she had just a regular leash on but no one was holding it? Would she still do it?


What I would do is walk her down. This is how to do a walk down:


Call her. If she doesn't come, then you do the walk down. Just walk towards her with your hand out - calmly and slowly, show no emotion at all. Don't talk to her or smile or anything just walk towards her. If she darts away, just keep walking towards her with your hand out. No matter how many times she runs away from you just keep on walking towards her with your hand out - no talking, no emotion. I know one dog where it took over an hour to walk her down. Usually it takes more like 5-10 minutes. At some point, she will give up, realize this isn't a game, and just stop. Sometimes the dog will walk towards you and lay down. Sometimes they will just allow you to walk up and grab their collar. Either way, you won. But you are not done yet. Once she finally gives in, you take her calmly (no dragging by the collar or anything like that, and still no talking) and take her ALL the way back to where you called her in the first place. Praise a LOT. Give treats, hugs, verbal praise, play with her - whatever. Make it WAY fun!


The key with walking down a dog it that you cannot be harsh! That is why you can show no emotion until you are done and ready to praise her. With Border Collies they may take this harder then say a Belgian would. So, NO emotion - that is the most important part. And don't ever run to her, just keep walking slowly and calmly.


Well, that is my idea. The only thing is, you still need to keep her safe (you don't want her running into the street or anything) so it would be nice to have a leash on her just in case ? hence my first question. But if the park was fenced in - it would be perfect!


Dazzle had the same kind of issue about 8 months ago, but, after one time of walking her down - she was fixed! The praise at the end is also very important - that way the dog remembers how happy you were at the end the strongest!


Good luck, happy training!

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Thanks for tha advice, I'm going to take it from today. It remembers me what is used to cath horses, I've done it with them so I expect could do it again with the dog.


And sorry for the puppy, but until this problem is resolved it is not going at the park with us. She doesn?t need space yet and I can provide other instances of socialization. My priority now will be my once upon a time well behaved dog

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Kat's Dog's method is very effective. One thing I'd add is that I would do this first in a smaller area before taking it on the road. Will you dog ignore your recall command in your house or fenced yard? If so, walk her down there. You may find that if you do it in smaller areas first your dog will think twice about ignoring the recall command when you're out and about.


The keys to this method is no emotion and to walk slowly but with purpose as you stalk the dog.


Good luck!

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Walking the dog down sounds like the way I used to have to catch my old pony. It took hours. But it worked. He did eventually give up and let me catch him more easily in the future. My current horse sees me and just runs for the gate to come out--coming with me is way more fun than being in the field! Of course, I did not have to compete with anything like the excitement of rats for a dog.


Let us know how it works for you.


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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