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How many dogs?

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Probably quite a few, not near as many as children since the rate of dogs and number of dogs traveling in cars on a regular bases is way lower then children, but the rate of those dying when factoring in all the variations may actually be higher.


I personally know of someone who lost more then one traveling to a trial during a real bad heat spell one summer in June, they were crated in the topper of a truck same as they were going to any other trial, the person thought there was enough ventilation, found out that there wasn't.

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A friend just told me yesterday that she's got her car rigged up (she works at a specialty car shop) so that she can leave the AC on while the car's running and locked . . . and that her car starter has an alarm on it that'll let her know right away if the engine stops running.


I still dunno if I'd trust it for any length of time, but it would be convenient if I had to make a quick stop somewhere when I had a dog or dogs with me when it's hot instead of having to bring them home and then go back out to just pick up a couple things at the grocery store or make a bank deposit.

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There was a very touching article on this phenomenon (for children) in the Washington Post a few years ago, and it really stuck with me. I bring my dog to school most days and I do worry about this kind of mental lapse. Leaving my office keys in the back with her is a good idea.


You can read the article at https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/fatal-distraction-forgetting-a-child-in-thebackseat-of-a-car-is-a-horrifying-mistake-is-it-a-crime/2014/06/16/8ae0fe3a-f580-11e3-a3a5-42be35962a52_story.html but be warned, it is long and very sad :(

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This is local to me. I'm not sure why anyone trusts a cooling system enough to close a truck up tight and then leave when it's 95 outside

That was awful to read. I don't think I would trust an extension cord into a hotel wall (what if someone unplugged it or tripped over it) with the lives of 14 dogs.


The stories about babies and small kids left in cars are also heartbreaking because most of the parents don't even realize anything is happening. Our memories are not what most people think they are. I recently left my wallet with car keys and phone attached in a bathroom at an event when we were 2 hours from home. I did not even realize I had left it for 30 minutes until I was in line to purchase something. Everyone thinks it would never happen to them, but I can definitely see how easy it would be to forget your sleeping baby in the back seat.


I thought I recently read about car/booster seats that were being equipped with an alarm that would sound if it detected weight while the car was off. My 10 year old car has a sensor in both front seats that sets a beeping alarm off if the seat belts are not buckled and it detects weight in the seat (why I also never put groceries in the front seat anymore). I cannot believe that the technology is not there to develop a similar product to save kids' lives in hot cars.

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I did not see that a comparison was being made. It is a tragedy if a child or a dog suffers and/or dies because of being left in a hot car. It is only natural for a dog owner to wonder how many dogs have suffered this kind of horrible death.




According to this story, 46 police dogs have died in hot cars since 2011.

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