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Snoot Bite?

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Can I bother you all for some opinions? Does this looks like a bug bite of some sort? Cal came in from outside (fenced back yard) with her snout a little swollen so we checked her out. This wasn't here yesterday because I just happened to be running my finger down her snout last night petting her between her eyes and it wasn't bumpy.


It's solid/swollen (not like fluid filled), has distinct edges, doesn't look red but it's hard to tell with the fur, and maybe tender because she pulls away if we touch.


She's currently as high as a kite, snuggling in bed with us. She's always extra cuddly when she's been drugged with Benadryl (in case of an allergic reaction like last year's spider bite where her whole face swelled, her eyes got tight, and she was breathing funny so we sped to the emergency vet).


Any thoughts? If it doesn't go away by Friday, she's going to the vet.


Here are some pics: a profile to see the bump, a snout, and a snout close up. I can't get any closer, she jumps back and acts offended the I put the phone in her face.


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