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Stopping a Dog that Goes into Orbit!

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My boy, Pete, loves to flank around wide on the "away" side, but he doesn't want to stop! Eventually, when he starts to relax a bit, I can get him to go back behind the sheep by waving a stick out on the left and asking him to "Get Back!"


When I send him on the Come Bye side, he'll stop where he should, but then, he wants to flank all the way around "Away" again!


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!



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I have a similar issue! Away was/is my bitch's weaker/eye-heavy side, so to get her to give a better shape and breadth to her flanks, she was forced to disengage her eye when going that direction. It seems she's at an increased risk of flying into orbit. I'm going to try to introduce a check whistle near the top to slow her down - she's a speedy mover - but I'm afraid it might encourage her to draw in towards the sheep at the top.


Any ideas how to get her to give the right space, but still check in on the sheep? Or is this just a matter of practice and maturity?

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Sorry, but it's been ages since anyone has asked a question.

I had one of these dogs that flew off like a wild indian around a wagon train. I couldn't wait to sell it.

What can such a dog be thinking?? No balance, or grasp of for what it is getting behind the sheep. No concept of ansering to the presence of a handler. Why? I once saw a clinic Dalziel had where he put a line on a dog and stopped it, with the line. I suppose this might be an instance where that would be useful. I have always thought the requirement of the line was annoying at best. I like a dog that thinks more constructively than that at the outset. But maybe the final outcome, of a dog not flying into orbit, as you describe, would make it worth it. Try that and let us know how it came off


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