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E cigarettes are poisonous to pets.

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I don't smoke so I wasn't aware of this but the cartridges are attractive to pets. And if ingested can cause serious illness and even death.


What I read said there has been a 400% increase in pet poisonings in the last two years per the Pet Poisoning hotline.




This is a serious threat.

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Off topic I know, but I have always found it weird that people try to kick a habit by consuming the same poison in a different way....

My uncle quit smoking for a while using these, because there is some kinds that you can get with less and less nicotine each time slowly weaning yourself off. Not saying they are good, but just saying it can be used to help people quit like gum or patches.

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I know, the thing is I know a lot of people who forget the "weaning off" part and continue being as hooked on nicotine as ever just chewing the gum or smoking e cigs.

Here in Iceland contrary to the country I was born and raised nicotine gum is freely available (in the Netherlands it is a prescription drug), making it possible to consume it as you like.

To each his own of course, but my personal experience is that stopping cold turkey and getting free from this addictive is much better (not to mention cheaper...).

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